It's true . . . you are invited (encouraged even) to download any of the tracks on the following page for use in your productions. Here's how to proceed:

NON-BROADCAST PROJECTS - There's no need to report anything to us or do anything further. Proceed to the link at the bottom of the page.

BROADCAST TV SHOWS OR FILMS - On your cue sheet, for any piece of ours that you use, simply list the composer as "Lisa Butler" (ASCAP) and the publisher as "Metronome One Music Publishing" (ASCAP). Beyond that, we'd love to know about the project--email us. The link below will take you to the library.

BROADCAST ADVERTISING (RADIO or TV) - Simply send us an email. Tell us the title of the spot and in what market(s) it will air. If you can attach an mp3 or .mov of your finished production you'll really make us happy! Use the link below to access the library.

Here are a couple of things you're not allowed to do:

• This music cannot be resold without our express permission.

• This music cannot be included on a commercially released CD, sample library, or music library without our express permission.

• This music may not be used as part of any plot to destroy America (sorry Al-Qaeda).

MONSTER TRACKS produces both individual tracks and Custom Libraries for our clients. Periodically we make some of our music available here at no charge. Please refer to our SAMPLES PAGE for examples of our work in action. Contact us if you would like to purchase the exclusive rights to any of these tracks, or if you would like to discuss creating your own custom music library.